Best Swing Sets For Older Kids | Reviews + Guide

Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

As parents, it is important to give the best to our children because they are the future. And for this reason, premium quality playsets should be provided by you to your kids.

The best swing sets for older kids can be a great help in developing children’s physical and mental condition. These swings may come with different platforms and swings so there will be no need to buy for another set.

Though it comes with different swings, setting them up is easy and fast. These swings are designed specifically for older kids so you can also find swings that are bigger than the usual size.

A swing set is a great choice for older kids because they are not only fun to play with, but they can also develop their creativity, imagination, feelings of self-worth, learn dexterity and coordination.

Your kids will love having an outdoor playmate like these swings sets. Because outdoor activities are great for your kids both physically and mentally.

They can help them burn off excess energy that they may be storing up inside of them which will help your child become more active and healthy.

Best Swing Sets for Older Kids – Our Top Picks!

If you have a child who is into outdoor activities, then the importance of Best Swing Sets for Older Kids may be something you are familiar with already.

In case if you are searching for the best swing set for older kids then you are at the right spot. Based upon our extensive research work we have opted for our top 5 picks.

The detailed description and salient features of each of the selected products are as follows:

1. Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set

Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set - Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

The Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set makes for a great addition to your backyard. It comes complete with two swings – one that’s green in color plus another featuring yellow slat.

The natural cedar treehouse provides plenty of shade during those hot summer days while also doubling as an extra seating area when guests are over making these Best Swing Sets for Older Kidsideal whether you live by yourself or have multiple children under 12 living at home too.

The heavy-duty canopy protects the play deck and provides shade on sunny days, while still allowing you to enjoy those nice weather events like BBQs or outdoor movie nights when it’s not too hot outside.

The ideal family spot for backyard fun, this swing is perfect in any yard. The compact design can fit into spaces that other swings don’t.

With a weight capacity of up to 425 lbs and a charming design, you’ll love swinging on the days when all your friends come to your place.

This beautiful swing set comes complete with two side-by-side wave slides and more. It also includes an area of play sand as well as a steering wheel.

This cedar swing is made of naturally rot-resistant wood and sturdy paint that will last for years to come. Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood, meaning your investment will be safe from destruction. It has also been shown to resist insects which makes it even more durable in the long run.

To keep your swing set looking nice and help prolong the life of the play system, it is advised to use a sealant for the first three months, before it gets too old.

This swing has a ton of features but the only downside is that the installation takes at least an entire weekend.

  • Compact design
  • Two side-by-side wave slides
  • Made of rot-resistant wood
  • Insect resisting material
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Time taking installation and parts assembling

2. Squirrel Products Red Disc Tree Swing

Squirrel Products Red Disc Tree Swing - Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

Squirrel Products are the purveyors of all things tree-related. They bring you this heavy-duty Red Disc Tree Swing which can be easily attached to your backyard playset or even small trees in their natural state.

With an easy DIY installation and durable material construction, this Special Swing Set will provide hours upon endless entertainment for children as they jump from branch to branch swinging away under their power.

With this swing, you can give your child a flying experience that will live in their memories forever. Add it to any swing set or jungle gym for an unforgettable activity.

It has been designed and built according to ASTM safety guidelines which means this classic play accessory is always safe when installed correctly. It is a must for all of your outdoor play needs.

You’ll never be bored with this swing from Squirrel Products. This is complete or updates your current backyard swing set, as it includes everything you need for an outdoor adventure.

It provides fun for all ages and abilities, whether you’re looking to update or create a new setup. Your child will be able to enjoy hours of fun and play with this swing seat, which is rated for up 150 pounds.

It includes a safety harness as well. This product has been designed by experts in children’s toys–the materials are high quality so that you can count on it lasting years without any problem at all.

Perfect for the backyard, this swing set is built with improved safety and play functionality and amuses kids especially when they are playing together in the backyard.

However, it does not come with any hanging kits so you’ll need to get some extra rope before using the swings, which will cost you some additional dollars.

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Safety harness included
  • Constructed with durable material
  • Safe and Secure
  • Hanging kit not included

3. Lifetime A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Lifetime A-Frame Metal Swing Set - Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

The Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set is a great choice for those who want to build their backyard jungle gyms. This high-quality playset includes all the tools and accessories needed, so you can start playing right away.

These Best Swing Sets for Older Kids will suit all your needs. This particular frame swing set is made out of metal and can hold up to six children at one time.

Perfect for any child who loves to swing, this free-standing playset has everything you need from swings and trapezes.

It’s perfect if your kids are ready to get their feet wet in the world of hanging around by using some tools that will keep them happy while doing so.

This is the perfect toy that will keep your little one entertained on any day, or even when you want some peace in an otherwise hectic morning.

This playset is the perfect place to spend your child’s free time. It will last through any weather and is strong enough for your little ones to grow upon.

It’s made from all-weather high strength low alloy steel that won’t crack, chip, or fade like wood so your childhood memories are safe. It’s also much easier on your child’s body since there are no splinters.

Designed for safety, the chains are rounded or have plastic caps on them to prevent pinching. Soft rubber grips keep your hands from getting scratched and sore while swinging all day long.

It is freestanding and does not require cement or anchoring. It is backed by a 5-year limited warranty which means that you can enjoy your backyard party without worrying about the long-term damage.

However, this swing set is huge and will cover a large part of your backyard leaving behind very little space for other things.

  • Significant sitting area
  • Can sustain bad weather
  • No splinters included
  • Soft rubber grips
  • 5-year guaranteed product
  • Requires large space in your backyard

4. Heavy Duty Swing Seat

Heavy Duty Swing Seat - Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

The Heavy Duty Swing Seat includes 2 carabiners. The first is a sturdy metal clip that’s perfect for hanging from objects like trees, fences, and bridges.

It bends easily when needed but doesn’t break or snap back into shape after being bent outwards as some plastic clips might do in this same situation.

The second part of the package includes two nylon loops on opposite sides designed specifically with kids’ safety concerns in mind.

One side features an extra-large handle making climbing easy while another allows adults to securely tie off without worrying about them getting free at any given time during use (perfect if there are multiple users).

When it comes to your safety, never take a chance. This Highly Recommended Swing Set will keep you safe while on the move and then fold up when not in use for easy storage.

This swing will last for years. It’s made with durable material that can withstand the test of time. The beautiful finish and sturdy design will ensure that your child enjoys hours of playtime.

The swing is built to hold up to 250 pounds and measures 26.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep, with a chain size of 66 inches.

The spaciousness will comfortably seat four people at once as you take in all those rays while swinging back and forth or side-to-side.

This swing comes fully assembled so you can save time and energy. You’ll be able to enjoy your backyard and not spend any more time working on it with the swing set.

It’s never easy trying to find quality tools for home improvement projects, but this one has all of what you need in an easy package.

However, as this swing set comes without a frame so it is just an expensive piece of playground equipment as you have to spend your money for buying the frame.

  • 2 carabiners included
  • Can be folded when not in use
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sleek design
  • Doesn’t come with a frame

5. SUPER DEAL Spider Web Tree Swing

SUPER DEAL Spider Web Tree Swing - Best Swings Sets For Older Kids

The perfect swing for your kids, the SUPER DEAL 40 inches Spider Web Tree Swing is a great way to spend time outside.

These Best Swing Sets for Older Kids are made with durable steel and can hold up 660 lbs. It is a nylon rope swing easily through two bucket hooks on either side of its frame so it will never come apart when you need one last ride before bedtime or rainy day fun inside.

This swing set is extra safe and has a durable steel frame for kids included at the time of purchase. You can’t escape the webs this web swing will ensnare you in its net.

This large size swing offers maximum comfort for children as they swing from branch to branch of your round web tree swing.

The polypropylene material provides support while still being lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down on kids during their playtime adventure with friends or family members around the yard.

The heavy-duty spider web design encourages imaginative play. The one-sheet metal frame holds as much weight making it a great spot for kids to sit and swing away on those long afternoons or nights when they’re bored out of their minds.

This 40 inches diameter tree swing allows multiple children all playing together in harmony–to enjoy endless hours of fun while having some laughs along the way.

The best part about this swing is that you can assemble it in minutes. It’s super simple and easy to install. The design of these swings’ universal nature means they’ll work with almost any tree branch or playground, making storage an absolute breeze too.

This swing is perfect for any child’s birthday and can withstand all types of weather, making it a great gift.

However, despite its excellent features, the cost of this swing is quite an expense and cannot be afforded by most people.

  • Extra safe
  • Durable steel frame
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Quite expensive product

Buying Guide For Best Swing Sets For Older Kids

Looking for the best swing sets for the older kids? Mentioned below are some of the salient features that are necessary for buying the best swing set for older kids:

1. Material

There are several swing sets available in the market today. The most commonly used one is the wood-made model which has regular swings and other things that come with it.

However, if your child is around 5 years old then you can look for metal swing sets that are very sturdy. Such swings will last him/her for a longer period.

2. Type of the Swing Sets

The most common type is the regular swings that can be used by all kids, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. However, there are some other types as well.

Among them are ˜climbing wall’ with several holds on it, which allow older kids to climb up. For certain age groups, the individual swings are not suitable, so consider buying something which has monkey bars or overhead rings.

Another type is the kind that comes with a climbing wall or rock climbing ropes, along with overhead rings or monkey bars. This is more of an adventure playset than just swings.

3. Swings

There are several types of swings that your kid can use. These swing types include strap swings, bucket swings, and glider swings.

All these have different heights and weights too! For instance, if your kid is older than 5 years, then you can purchase a bucket swing or glider swing. However, if he/she is 5 years old or below then strap swings are suitable for him/her.

4. Height and weight:

Older kids should not be allowed to indulge in activities that put too much pressure on their bodies.

Therefore, look for swings sets with adjustable height and weight. This way, you can adjust the swing according to your kid’s age and size.

5. A Place for storage

Such outdoor swings come with a storage area where your kids can lighten up their load. So, look for one that has extra space beneath it to carry other things like balls and toys along.

It will make it easier for your kid to enjoy his/her playtime by saving their things in that special place.

6. Cost

Of course, the cost of any type of swing set is an important factor that you need to consider. If you are planning to buy one then check if it’s worth the price.

The more features it has, the more costly it would be. However, you can save money by opting for a simple one that has only swings and other basic requirements.

Is it Sturdy enough? This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a swing set for older kids. It should not wobble or shake while your kid is playing on it.

However, keep in mind that all swing sets are designed to sway a little bit even when no one is using them. So, don’t worry if your brand new swing set starts swaying while no one is on it.

7. Weather Resistant

Is the material used in the product sturdy enough to bear weather fluctuations? Also, look for models that are covered under warranty when you buy them.

This will ensure some additional protection against any manufacturer defect or materials damage due to natural calamities.

8. Safety Features

Along with durability, safety is another important factor you must consider while buying a swing set for an older kid. The product should be well protected from outside swiping objects such as branches or any other sharp debris.

Also, check if the model that you are considering has a design that allows easy access in and out of it. This will ensure that your kid is not trapped inside the product when he is playing alone.

9. Maintenance

Maintenance of swing sets can be quite cumbersome. Even though most models are designed to last for a long time, care must be taken to protect them from natural calamities, harsh weather conditions, and strong outside swiping objects.

Check if the brand you are considering has any special care or protection procedures for their swing sets.


All the above-mentioned swing sets are the Best Swing Sets for Older Kids but if I have to recommend one then my top priority will be Lifetime A-Frame Metal Swing Set.

It is the perfect addition to your backyard. This swing set features a sitting area for avid readers and people who want some time relaxing in peace, while also sustaining bad weather with its protection from harsh elements such as rain or snow.

The metal frame withstands environmental conditions and there are soft rubber grips on every handle so you can have an enjoyable time swinging in any type of condition.

It comes with a five-year warranty too, making this product truly one of construction worth investing into.

As a second choice, I will recommend the readers to consider Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set. This Swing Set features a compact design that will fit in any backyard. It is quite economical and can be afforded by every kid in society.

The two side-by-side wave slides are made out of rot-resistant wood and insect resisting material which guarantees durability for years worth of fun as well as comfort while growing up with this set.

This one is for all you kids out there who love to have a swing set in your home. It’s not just about the summer anymore, as this swing can withstand all weather conditions.

So what do you think of this article the Best Swing Sets for Older Kids? Kindly provide your feedback in the comments section and if you liked this then share it with your friends and loved ones.

Also, give us a thumbs up. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our content so please let us know it would be helpful too.


Q. What age is appropriate for a swing set?

It is best to start with swings when your child can sit up slightly by himself, which usually occurs between 6 and 9 months old. Since the average lifespan of a swing set is around 8-10 years, you will get an opportunity to enjoy it for a long time with your child.

Q. What should I consider while buying a swing set?

Swing sets vary in terms of the construction material and the type of swings that come along with them. When you are looking to buy a swing set, always go for one which has plastic-coated chains because these chains will not damage your deck or any other part of the house.

Q. Can my child use an outdoor swing set during the winter?

Children shouldn’t play on a swing set during the winter season due to low temperature and snowfall. However, if your child wants to use it, you can cover it with a tarp so that he/she cannot come in direct contact with snow and ice.

Q. How can I clean my swing set?

For cleaning your swing set, you should use warm soapy water to remove dirt and grime. However, you must be careful not to let any water come in contact with the metal chains or bolts.

This may cause it to rust. Usually, most swing sets come with cleaning kits that contain all the necessary tools to clean them easily.