How Long Does Wooden Swing Set Last?

How Long Does Wooden Swing Set Last?

Wooden swing sets are popular play items for children. If you are planning to purchase one for your children, you might be wondering how long a wooden swing set last.

There are plenty of factors that contribute to the longevity of a wooden swing set. And we will discuss them in the article.

A swing set is one of the most popular outdoor toys for kids. It can serve as the perfect outdoor activity for children in the neighborhood and it is also a great way for children to spend quality time with their families. Without a doubt, wooden swing sets are among the most popular options for families with children.

There are many reasons for this, although much of it has to do with the long-lasting nature of wooden swing sets. Many people who have used their swing set every day for years still report that they are in excellent condition.

It is a long-lasting investment. Once you decide to buy a wooden swing set, you need to know how long it will last. You want to make sure your kids can use the swing set for many years and that the swing set will hold up through the use it gets. For this let’s discuss the factors that deploy wooden swings.

How Does the Wood Deteriorate?

Wood is a natural material, and thus it is subject to deterioration over time. It deteriorates under the influence of the removal of vital oils and the disintegration of lignin. These changes make the wood more susceptible to attack by microorganisms, insects, and fungi. 

Speaking more precisely, there are two primary ways that wooden swing sets wear out. The first is through natural weathering.

Sunlight and moisture can cause wood to wear out over time. This is the reason why wooden decks need to be stained or sealed periodically to prevent damage from occurring.

The second way that a wooden swing set will deteriorate is through rot. Rot happens when moisture builds up in the wooden swing set.

This moisture can be caused by rain or by the kids taking their swings really high. When the weather hits, the moisture that gets into the wood can cause it to rot.

Once rot sets in, it is very difficult to reverse the damage. If you have a wooden swing set, you need to be sure that the wood is always dry.

How Long Does Wooden Swing Set Last?

It could even last a decade. If you keep on top of the maintenance and repair, you should be able to get many years out of your wooden swing set.

Wooden swing sets are made out of either cedar or pine. Cedar is durable and rot-resistant, so you should get a longer lifespan out of it.

You should still plan to stain the wooden swing set, as even cedar will wear out over time due to moisture, sunlight, and temperature.

We recommend that to keep the wooden swing set in the best condition possible you should apply a clear finish to it every year or two.

Wooden swing sets will begin to rot and break down if they are not properly maintained, you should examine the wooden swing set at least once a month to check for damage and rot. Make sure all bolts, screws, and brackets are tightened and repaired if needed.

How to Deal With Mildew or Mold on Wood?

The most common way to deal with mildew or mold on wood is to apply a mild bleach solution to the affected area. The bleach will kill the mold and mildew and also work to break down the mold spores.

If you want to prevent mildew from growing on the wooden swing set, then you should try to prevent excessive moisture from getting to the wooden swing set.

The most effective way to do this is to install a protective sealant on the wood. You should apply the sealant in a very thin layer and avoid applying the sealant on surfaces that are exposed to sunlight.

You should wipe the affected area with a bleach solution and you should also try to make sure that the wood is dry before you apply the sealant.

How to Choose a Quality Wooden Swing Set?

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you purchase a quality swing set for your kids. These tips will help you to be able to tell whether or not the swing set will wear out or not.

Natural Wood vs. Composite Wood

The first thing that you need to know is whether or not the swing set is made of natural wood or composite wood. 

There are two main differences between the two. First, natural wood will have a higher chance of rotting.

This is especially true when it comes to swing sets that got exposed to a lot of moisture. Second, natural wood swing sets will have a higher chance of giving splinters. 

On the other hand, composite wood is resistant to rot and splinters. It also has a more refined look. This is the reason why many people prefer it. The only downside to this option is that composite wood is more expensive than natural wood.

Support System

There are three types of support systems that you can see in a swing set. These support systems include wooden beams, metal tubes, and sandbags.

The wooden beams are the cheapest option. However, they are not that durable. Wooden beams can easily be dented and will not withstand a lot of weight. The metal tubes on the other hand are more expensive but they are sturdier and more durable.

The metal tubes can even hold the entire swing set. It is also important that you check the metal tubes to make sure that there are no weak points.

Canopy and Roof

The swing set canopy protects the swing set from the sun and the rain. The canopy comes in different materials such as plastic, metal, and wood.

The main purpose that the canopy serves is to protect the swing set. However, a canopy with plastic or metal will also protect your children from the rain.


As said before, wooden swing sets could last for years if they’re properly cared for. In fact, swing sets made from pressure-treated lumber will last for decades. However, they’ll need to be resealed every five years or so because they’re made from wood that’s susceptible to moisture.

Moreover, the life expectancy of a wooden swing set can vary, depending on how much maintenance it gets. For instance, when using a wood stain, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t soak into the wood and cause it to rot. If you keep the wood stained, then it will look like new for years to come.

Of course, they are the best kids’ playground toys because they’re affordable, colorful, and fun. They’re also portable and they’re not going to break the bank. However, they do need to be maintained properly. 

You should also never leave them outside overnight. Instead, store them in an area that’s protected from the weather.

So, what kinds of swing set repairs do you know of? Do you have any tips for selecting a quality wooden swing set? Let us know what you think in the comments below.