How to Clean a Baby Swing | Complete Guide

How to Clean a Baby Swing

A baby swing is an essential piece of equipment for any parent, offering a safe and comfy place to put your little one as you get on with other things.  However, just like most baby equipment, swings can get pretty gross if not properly cleaned.

Keeping your baby swing clean is important for everyone’s safety. This is especially true if you have a baby with sensitive skin. Cleaning a baby swing is an important step in making sure it stays safe for your little one. But it’s also an easy step you can take to keep your home tidy and free from harmful germs. 

While the materials used for baby swings may differ depending on the brand, there are some simple guidelines you can follow in cleaning all models of baby swings. For more information, see this article.

Also, you can use this cleaning method for the following baby products: bouncer seats, high chairs, and more.

Materials You Need to Clean a baby Swing

Here are the essential items you’ll need for this swing cleaning guide:

  • Bleach cleaner (or other appropriate product)
  • Soft-bristled scrub brush 
  • Bucket or bleach dispenser with a narrow spout (makes it easier to clean corners and edges) 
  • Clean clothes, paper towels, or rags (if using bleach, use an extra clean towel to protect your skin from any splashes)

How to Clean a Baby Swing – Complete Process

STEP 1: First, you’ll need to unclasp the straps on the swing and take them off. Make sure that all toys and accessories are out of the way. You might also want to remove the seat pad at this point, so it doesn’t get accidentally damaged during cleaning.

STEP 2: Next, you can give the outside a good wipe down with your choice of cleaning product.  Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to clean any dirt and grime off.

STEP 3: When finished with your initial cleaning, you can put on some plastic gloves and fill a bucket or bleach dispenser with warm water. 

STEP 4: Add about half a cup of bleach and mix well. Use a clean washcloth or rag to wipe down the swing, paying special attention to areas where your baby’s skin comes in contact with the seat fabric.  

STEP 5: After cleaning, allow the seat fabric to dry for a while before putting the seat pad back on. Once the fabric is dry, you can add your baby’s toys and accessories again.

Be sure that you wear a pair of rubber gloves or plastic gloves if you’re using bleach, as this will protect your hands from splashes and also prevent staining if your little one has an allergic reaction to it.

Don’t forget some other spots like under the arms of the swing and around toy holders. You might want to use a small towel or paper towels for these areas, so you don’t accidentally get bleach on anything else.

Once you’ve cleaned out all of these products, we recommend cleaning them at least once a month to keep them safe and germ-free!


Baby swings are generally easy to clean if you follow the steps provided above. To ensure your baby’s safety and comfort, make sure you clean your baby swing regularly and store it in an area that is well ventilated but not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that could warp or break the frame.

Keeping your baby swing clean will make it last longer and keep you from having to buy a new one for many years. Cleaning is also important for keeping your home clean of germs that could harm your child or yourself.