How To Hang a Hammock in A Dorm Room? – 5 Best Methods

How To Hang a Hammock in A Dorm Room

People who want to hang a hammock in their dorm room are usually confused because there’s not much information on the internet about this topic.

They don’t know how to start, what equipment they need, and where exactly they should put it.

We will provide some tips for you so that your hammock can be hanged properly and safely!

In this article, we will talk about all the options you can use to hang a hammock in a dorm room.

Type of Hammock Suitable for dorm room

The classic hammock is best suited for the dorm room because it is made of cotton fabrics and relatively easy to carry, and suitable for sleeping. These hammocks are made of two ends which are connected by a string, rope, or even tree straps.

Hammocks with both ends connected via a strap are very easy to hang. You just need a tall object you can tie the straps around.

Best ways to Hang a Hammock – 5 Methods

The first step to hanging a hammock in a dorm room is to find the right place and measure the spot where you would be willing to hang it. 

It is also advised that you make sure that there are no ceiling fans or lamps nearby. The next step is to find a way of clearing off space for your hammock.

You should also try to make sure that there’s enough space on either side of your hammock for passage and avoid hanging it by walls. 

Hanging a hammock indoors is definitely going to require some knots, rope, and string.

Here are some of our favorite ways to hang a hammock in your dorm room.

1. Wall Strap

When you are restricted to a small area, such as in a dorm room, having wall strap hooks can be very helpful. 

To hang a hammock using a wall strap, follow these steps:

First, find a spot that is about 5 feet from the ground. Make sure it is sturdy so it can hold your hammock.

Next, attach the strap hooks to the wall.

After that, you can hang your hammock to these hooks and then enjoy your rest!

2. Hanging points on the ceiling

This option is great if you have high ceilings. You can find a strong and sturdy ceiling and use diving equipment to hang your hammock. 

Attach J-hooks, L-hooks, or S hooks on the ceiling, and then hook your hammock on these hooks.

3. Using a Hammock Stand

A hammock stand is the best option if you want to have a portable hammock. Using this, your hammock can be quickly and easily moved to any part of your home. Just hang the hammock and hook it on the stand!

You can find a lot of options for hammock stands on the internet. The most basic stand is just a pole with hooks for hanging your hammock.

Some hammock stands have extra support for stability. This can be very good if you are going to sleep in the hammock or there will be more than one person hanging in the hammock.

4. Buy Hanging Chair Instead of Hammock

Another great option is to switch your hammock for a hanging chair.

Hanging chairs are designed to be hanged from the ceiling or a tree branch. They are much easier to hang than a hammock, and they are also safer! The chair construction is made of strong metal or wood, so you can be sure it can hold up to two people and your weight.

5. Hammer – In Hooks

The hammer in hooks is one of the best ways to hang a hammock in your dorm room. They are very easy to install. All you need is a flat surface next to your bed where you can hammer the hook in.

To hang a hammock using a hook, follow these steps:

Find the perfect spot for your hook. This is usually next to your bed, where there’s a flat surface to hammer the hook in. Hammer in the hook and attach the ropes of your hammock to it using carabineers.

Hammock hooks are very effective in supporting a hammock, and it is possible to hang multiple hammocks from one hook if you need to have a hammock party. 

Safety Precautions for Hanging a Hammock in A Dorm Room

Here are some safety precautions you should follow while hanging your hammock in the dorm room:

  1. The first thing is to make sure you choose a part of the room where there is no possibility that someone will trip over it. 
  2. Choose a part of your room where there is no possibility of a window being broken or the hammock coming in contact with them.
  3. Since most dorm rooms are made up of concrete walls, it is better to use anchor kits so that the hooks will not get loose over time.
  4. You can also go for hammock stands to let your hammock hang in a fixed position.
  5. Make sure the wire that is attached to the hooks is not loose, and make sure that the hammock is not too low to the ground.
  6. It is a good idea to choose a part of the room that has no sharp or pointed furniture as this may damage your hammock and, worst, cause injury to you.
  7. You could also paint the hooks to prevent them from rusting over time


Hanging a hammock in your dorm room is not that hard as it seems. There are various ways to do so, and I provided you with options for each situation.

Make sure you have a strong and secure wall or ceiling to hang your hammock, but if not, then go ahead with a hammock stand.

I also provided you with safety precautions for hanging a hammock in your dorm room. So, try out these methods and have a wonderful time in your new dorm!

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